Hello all.
We’re kind of back in business.
Well, at least, one of us are.

Since we both have been away for quite some time, our huge collection desperately needs to be sorted out and it’ll take a while. This and the fact that I’m not interested in trading audios at all led me to the decision of making a new site. Here it is:

There you will find a list of videos that are open for trade right now.
This doesn’t at all mean that this site is closed for good. You’re welcome to write to us as before and make an inquiry, although be prepared that some items listed here may be closed for trade for some time.

Also, please do note that this site will not be updated any time soon. However, the new one is.


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POTO with G. Rauch

London, September 4, 2013

Geronimo Rauch (Phantom), Sofia Escobar (Christine), Sean Palmer (Raoul), Lara Martins (Carlotta), Marc Vastenavondt (u/s Piangi), Martin Ball (Andre), Andy Hockley (Firmin), Layla Harrison (u/s Meg), Jacinta Mulcahy (Madame Giry)
Act 1 is video and audio from the beginning up to “The Mirror”, but is audio for the rest, and ends during the beginning of “Il Muto”. There are two versions of Act 1: one flipped on the side and one filmed upright. Act 2 is full video and audio; it starts out flipped but is put right side up in the middle of “Masquerade”. Shot with a phone, therefore the picture is rather small and there are lots of heads in the picture.

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new videos

Toronto, 1998
 – Highlights
Colm Wilkinson (Valjean), Todd Alan Johnson (Javert), Susan Gilmour (Fantine), Maggie Martinsen (Young Cosette), Aymee Garcia (u/s Mme Thenardier), JP Dougherty (Thenardier), Jeffrey Tauber Hyke (Gavroche), Jessica-Snow WIlson (Eponine), Tim Howar (Marius), Regan Thiel (Cosette), Kurt Kovalenko (Enjolras)
Not our review: “B-. Blurry at times, mostly wide and mid shots and a couple of heads in the wide shots, but they don’t cover much. Some discolouration and generational loss, but still very watchable and the audio is very clear for its age. Act 1 is missing from “the Robbery” to “One Day More”, and Act 2 is most of “On My Own”, part of Bring Him Home, and a few seconds of both the Final Battle and the Finale. Also contains 1987 Macy’s Day Parade performance, 1987 Tony Awards performance and additional footage.”

DRACULA (Frank Wildhorn’s)
St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2005

Thomas Borchert (Dracula), Jesper Tyden (Jonathan Harker), Chris Murray (Van Helsing), Caroline Vasicek (Lucy)
Runs about 30 minutes, only a few Highlights.

Vienna, 05.02.2002
Drew Sarich (Berger), Kyrre Kvam (Claude), Susa Meyer (Sheila), Cedric Lee Bradley (Hud), Pehton D. Quirante (Woof), Ruben Gabria (Margaret Mead)
A-. Filmed from the right side.

Berlin, January 18, 2012
Drew Sarich, Amelie Dobler, Veit Schäfermeier, Anton Zetterholm, Kai Hüsgen, Goele de Raedt, Marc Liebisch, Sven Prüwer, Barbara Raunegger
Quality: A

TANZ DER VAMPIRE: Grafenmarathon
Berlin, August 11, 2013
Drew Sarich, Mercedesz Csampai, Veit Schäfermeier, Michael Heller, Jerzy Jeszke
Highlights: Einladung Zum Ball, Tanzsaal, Totale Finsternis, Die Unstillbare Gier, Tanzsaal.

Zürich, April 22, 2007 & July 08, 2007
22.04.2007 cast: Serkan Kaya (Galileo), Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Brigitte Oelke (Killer Queen), Micha Mang (Khashoggi), Sören Kruse (Polo), Darryll Smith (Brit), Rahel A.-J. Fischer (Ozzy)
08.07.2007 cast: Sascha Lien (Galileo), Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Tracy Plester (Killer Queen), Jon Agar (Khashoggi), Sören Kruse (Polo), Darryll Smith (Brit), Anna-Rania-Horn (Ozzy)
A compilation video from two different shows. Quality A.

Korneuburg, August 04, 2012
Drew Sarich, Ann Mandrella, Carin Filipcic, Andreas Bieber
Highlights. About 1 hour.

Hamburg, April 04, 2013
Sasha Di Capri, Drew Sarich, Wietske van Tongeren, Kristina Love, Taryn Nelson, Kisha Howard, Darryll Smith, Alessandro Cococcia, Jogi Kaiser, Detlef Leistenschneider, Franziska Lessing, Silke Braas, Orion OJ Lynch, Frank Logemann (Git.)
Highlights of the concert. Running time’s about 50 minutes.

DOGFIGHT –  concert at Stage Club 
Hamburg, May 27, 2013
Pasek and Paul introducing „Dogfight”. Guest stars : Drew Sarich, Wietske van Tongeren, Silke Braas, Melanie Ortner & Kristina Love.
Highlights. About 50 minutes.

Vienna, April 12, 2010 and Salzburg, January 13, 2011
Highlights. About 45 minutes.

Düsseldorf, 2013
A Quality. Songs only.

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new audios: The Commitments and Three Fantom concert in 2013

London, September 25, 2013 
Killian Donnelly (Deco), Mark Dugdale (Derek), Ben Fox (Joey), Brian Gilligan (Billy), Denis Grindel (Jimmy), Andrew Linnie (Dean), Barnaby Southgate (James), Joe Woolmer (Mickah), Matthew Wycliffe (Outspan), Jessica Cervi (Bernie), Stephanie McKeon (Natalie), Sarah O’Connor (Imelda), Padraig Dooney, Christopher Fry, Ryan Gibb, Natalie Hope, Sean Kearns, Clodagh Long, Ian McIntosh, John McLaron, Riona O’Connor, Sharon Sexton, Thomas Snowdon, Glenn Speers, Alex Tompkins, Julia Worsley

Albertslund, May 12, 2013
Earl Carpenter, Matthew Cammelle, John Owen-Jones

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Les Mis video with Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser

London, 2012

Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser
Only includes Valjean’s Revenge and Javert’s Suicide


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Chess video, UK Tour 2010

UK Tour, 2010
James Fox, Shona White, Daniel Koek, Poppy Tierney, David Erik, James Graeme, Steve Varnom

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new Les Mis audios

London, July 5, 2013

Geronimo Rauch (Valjean), James Gant (u/s Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Rob Houchen (Marius), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Éponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras), Adam Linstead (u/s Thénardier), Wendy Ferguson (Mme Thénardier), Carl Mullaney (u/s Grantaire), Noah Key (Gavroche), Emmie Dawson (Little Cosette)

London, July 8, 2013

Daniel Koek (alt Valjean), Tam Mutu (Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Rob Houchen (Marius), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Éponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras), Carl Mullaney (u/s Thénardier, second cover), Wendy Ferguson (Mme Thénardier), Rhidian Marc (u/s Grantaire, second cover), Jake Poolman (Gavroche), Emmie Dawson (Little Cosette)


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